Villa di Sotto is a beautiful XIX-century farmhouse surrounded by villages and castles, vineyards and olive groves; It is an ideal starting point for many beautiful excursions: Chianti, Crete Senesi, Art Cities (Siena-Florence-Arezzo), Castles (Castle of Brolio, Castle of Meleto ...) are just some of the fantastic places that characterize our land , reachable by all means of transport.
The building, restored without modifying its original aspect but equipped with all modern comforts, offers comfortable rooms and apartments, the latter with bed and breakfast service.
The courtesy and the hospitable spirit with which you will be welcomed to enrich your stay in Villa di Sotto, and allow you to discover the secret of the beauty of the Chianti and all of Tuscany. For any further information please contact us! See you there!

For any type of information please contact us!

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The Story of Villa di Sotto: Sauro and Paola

One day, while thinking about their future, Sauro and Paola decided to turn part of Sauro’s paternal home into a Bed & Breakfast.

Not knowing what the future would hold, in January 1996, Sauro and Paola started Villa di Sotto with construction of the first three rooms. Everything seemed easy on paper and despite difficulties during construction, Sauro and Paola were resolved to complete what they started. In July, the construction was complete. All that was left was to open the new rooms to guests. However, it was summer holiday and all the municipal offices, from which they were required to get proper documents, was closed. Determined to pay his construction workers, Sauro went to city officials for help in securing the paperwork to open. Though closed, the municipality, through the tourist office, sent the first guests in August of 1996. Villa di Sotto was open! The following October, Sauro and Paola received documentation from the city and their dream of ‘the villa down below’ began to flourish.

In the beginning, breakfast was not offered, but at the request of guests, they began to serve homemade pastries that delighted their guests. Villa di Sotto was always at capacity, so again, Sauro turned his attention to expanding. The first expansion in 1998 realized a new apartment, which quickly led to the breakfast room. Always thinking about providing the best customer experience, in 2000, Sauro and Paola decided to create not only more rooms, but also a place to serve dinner. Upon request from their B&B guests, Sauro, Paola and their family began to serve dinner in a small adjacent farmhouse. Serving typical Tuscan dinner meals, Sauro and Paola again delighted guests with their delicious home cooking and genuine hospitality. Thanks to return clients and word-of-mouth, Villa di Sotto has grown in space, size and offerings to include a complete restaurant with panoramic view, enoteca, pizza oven, swimming pools, as well as management of the Palei and Borgo apartments. Despite the growth, Sauro and Paola maintain a small family-run feel with generous Tuscan hospitality.

Today, Villa di Sotto is much more than the B&B Sauro and Paola first envisioned. Not only offering comfortable lodging, Villa di Sotto Ristorante now serves lunch and dinner to the public and the beautiful new enoteca, or wine shop, offers a premium selection of local Tuscan Wine & Spirits to guests and locals alike. The location not only makes for a perfect holiday, but also a unique space to have special events; such as weddings, reunions, and other commemorations.

At Villa di Sotto, from the very beginning, the hope of Sauro and Paola was that guests will relax and feel at home in Sauro’s humble paternal villa.Sauro, Paola, and their entire Villa di Sotto family strive to always offer clients their best. For this reason, Villa di Sotto continues to improve and grow.

Sauro and Paola invite you to join them in their journey and hope that you will come be part of Villa di Sotto history.